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All-Inclusive Surf Packages

Pipeline Surf School offers several unique packages and camps to meet everyone's needs. All lessons consist of a unique one-on-one, one-of-a-kind surf instruction…at the greeting, on the beach, in the water, and for life! Packages offered at Pipeline Surf School include the following (and mooooore!):

PRIVATE SURF LESSONS (Children, Singles, Couples, Groups)

*(2) Two-Hour Lesson Time (Or longer depending on daily schedule!) *Lesson Surfboard Usage (Size depending on Skills and Wave Intensity)*SPF 50 UV-Resistant Rash-Free Lycra Shirt Rental*Surfboard Wax with Hands-on Proper Application Technique

*Surfboard Leash with Handling & Installation Tutorial *An "Extra" Special Freshwater Shower Experience! *Local Insider Discounts, Information, and Tips on the Beaches, Surfing, Tours, Attractions, and the Nightlife in Cancun! *Lessons available in fluent English, Spanish, and Californian! And Some Russian & German also! *Unforgettable Experience! *100% Customer Satisfaction GUARANTEE! EPIC 5-DAY SURF CAMP (Individuals, Couples)

For the most dedicated New Surfers, we offer the EPIC 5-DAY SURF CAMP! This five-day 'no-crash' course on surfing is an international favorite! We use our patented consecutive surf routine that will transform you from the beach, up. This exclusive program allows our instructors the time to work with you extensively, and zero in on all of your specific techniques and hone them to a fine point! As your ability and skill level increases throughout the course, we guide you through a variety of waves to suit your potential! After our five days together, you will have a keen understanding of timing, balance, safety, different surfboard shapes, weather, reading the ocean & wave sets, and surfer lingo to help you walk-the-walk, and talk-the-talk! Not to mention the true soul of the surfboard. When you finish with us, not only will you undergo physical & spiritual transformations, but you'll leave with the courage and confidence to elevate your everyday life! The EPIC 5-DAY SURF CAMP includes everything mentioned in the PRIVATE SURF LESSONS plus the following: *Advanced Surfing Performance Sessions *Variety of Boards to Accommodate Your Growing Surf Expertise *Daily Analysis of Your Surfing Session to Effectively Evaluate, Assess, and Approach the Advancement of Your Techniques!

LIL' GROMS 3-DAY KIDS CAMP (Children Ages 6-12)

For our young and eager Surfers looking to kick-start their surfing game, we offer the LIL' GROMS 3-DAY KIDS CAMP! We still use our patented consecutive surf routine...but with a twist, custom-made to better suit your little ones! We understand that your children are very special, and require a slightly different touch than the older surfer. With an extra nod towards safety & encouragement, we create an inviting and supportive learning environment for our little campers!!! They are the future or Surfing!


Capture that magical surfing moment without the muss and fuss of bringing your own equipment and wondering if your Mom or best bud got the shot! These are memories that will last a lifetime, so Pipeline Surf School has its own experienced local aquatic photographer on the beach ready to catch your special surf moment! Just have fun, and leave the work to Paloma! * All Photos are professionally retouched and resized, and provided to you as a Pro-Shot Quality Hi-Resolution Still Photo Gallery! *Available as a DVD, or by Online File Transfer! *Typical turn-around time 24-48 hours. Extra fees may apply for same-day service. Extra fees for duplicate DVD's.


Not only can you learn to surf at Pipeline Surf School, but now you can bring home the ultimate evidence! Now equipped with the latest in underwater video technology, the GoPro Hero3, our experienced aquatic photographers are ready to take your memories to the next level! Your entire surfing session will be filmed in a high-definition digital format, and at the end of the day will be delivered to our production office, where your awesome surfing experience will be transformed into a one-of-a-kind high-quality Surf Music Video on DVD!!! Show all of your friends, and even upload your officially unforgettable adventure onto Facebook or Youtube! Remember the experience and you or your child's first wave forever with this exclusive service, only available at Pipeline Surf School! *Includes a Fully-Customized Professional Quality Surf Video and Hi-Resolution Still Photo Gallery of "Your Pipeline Surf Experience" on DVD or MEMORY STICK! *Typical turn-around time 24-48 hours. Extra fees may apply for same-day service. Extra fees for duplicate DVD's.


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